VSAR 440- Richard Misrach & Guillermo Galindo: Border Cantos Video

Since class was cancelled this week, we got assigned to watch a video on Border Cantos. This video was mainly about the photographer Misrach and his work with landscape that captured border walls as well. Misrach has worked on this project for the past 10 years with the involvement of Guillermo Galindo who from Mexico and is also famous for his own work. Much of Misrach work has to do with American Western.  My reaction to this video was curious of what Misrach work was overall about, which I found out that his overall work was to show how these walls basically became more militarized, as well as keeping certain things in check, such as the people. Personally that was what I got from this video as well as seeing different kinds of landscapes. I found that I really did not care for his work, not that it was not meaningful or inspiring but I am just into things that I am unaware of or am not familiar with. Border walls well I have heard it all my life and stories about how many came to be, for example the one in Mexico and Arizona and in other countries it is not news to me that walls are built because of political or economical issues. I believe the different between landscape and a cultural landscape it its history behind the land itself and what it has to offer. I think the photographers goals were to show something different but also give some history into his work. Overall I found the photographer interesting but personally I am just not interested in border walls.


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