VSAR 440- Camille Seaman Video

After watching the short video of Camille Seaman and the Polar Ice/Storm Chaser video. Camille Seaman is an American photographer, who captures the changing effects of nature as well as the environment itself. I found that Seaman really cares about what she does and you can see that in her work she does. During the videos we find out how she see the relationship between iceberg and nature. Camille has always tried to “articulate that humans are not separate from nature” I really thought it was beautiful how she showed these iceberg as more than some piece of ice, they have meaning and value as equal as humans do, at least that is what I felt she was trying to get across to her viewers. As Camille goes on to state that, ” icebergs are born, when they are calve off of glaciers.” So what I got from this statement was that an iceberg is it’s own being, was once something different but now it has become something more, something with individuality. Overall I found that Camille’s work was so pure and inspiring, I think it could teach us a lot not only about shooting different but also accepting it as something different.


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