VSAR 440- MOPA- Inspired by John Gossage

For this week’s homework, Our Photography professor told us to go visit the Prix Pictet exhibition which is located in MOPA in Balboa Park, San Diego. We were told to choose an artist who inspires a series of photographs from the list we were given. Which includes, Valerie Belin, Llit Azoulay, Matthew Brandt, Maxim Dondyuk, Alixandra Fazzina, Ori Gersht, John Gossage, Pieter Hugo, Gideon Mendel, Sophie Ristelhueber, Brent Stirton, and Yang Yongliang. I ended up choosing John Gossage. I chose John Gossage because his photography really caught my eye, especially his “Series: Should Nature Change” I really enjoyed these photographs. The exhibit quoted John Gossage, “Everyone everywhere now has a small thing that has changed for them.” This artist inspired my series of photography because I really found his work to be very deep in meaning, deep because things do change regardless of how big or small they are, the earth continues to change, the trees keep growing or they die to make room for smaller and newer trees. People change in small ways too, such as growing older and wiser little by little each year. In my series of photography inspired by John Gossage, I show how nature continues to grow and blossom, how life changes were we do not realize. How we all grow into our bodies naturally at some point in our lives, as well as see the small changes in one’s expressions. Overall my work shows the changes that happens around us, and honestly I really enjoy these types of photography, I like to show nature and the natural things in life. I really enjoyed the MOPA exhibit, it was refreshing and fun.


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