Weaving the World Together

During our class, we watched a short film about weaving, weaving is normally done with tule plants. Tule is a long string like plant, very sturdy if one wishes to use it to make a basket for gathering berries and other native plants. Many natives who live in California still use the old traditions, as well as the language which is Shmwuich Chumash. The native woman talking during the film states, “we don’t gather at night, we were taught that at night the spirits of the pants need to rest, but once the sun rises we will go back and gather.” During this film there was a lot of talk about preserving plants in order for them to continue growing. You shouldn’t just take a plant, if there is only a small amount, you have to be careful and maintain sustainability. One native man talked about how, you have to give back to nature, you can not just keep talking, as if the plant will always be there. Overall I enjoyed the film and I learned a lot about plants and natives.


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