VSAR 440- My 10 Best Photograph’s

For VSAR 440 homework we were told to post 10 photographs that we considered to be our best photos, as well as emotional and most technically proficient. Personally I pick these 10 because I feel like each have their own emotion, either facial emotion (facial emotion example: the photo of a father and daughter, seeing the silliness between them.) or the physical expressions of a deeper meaning which can trigger a certain emotion (physical expression example: the photo of a woman showing her muscles as if showing us the empowerment of women and the strength we hold within.) is shown or this aura of emotion, such as lighting which could be this intense color or gentle color (aura/lighting example: the silhouette photo has this warm/cool vibe color to it, for me it’s just this breathe of fresh air, something different I never experienced before I took the shot.) Another emotional photo I picked was the photograph of a student relaxing after a long day of lectures and studying, and we all can relate the the exhaustion and stress one feels on those days and the many emotions that go on within a student. Overall this assignment really made me realize how much these photographs really mean to me on emotional level.


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