VSAR 440- 10 Deadly Sins of Composition – Art Wolfe

While watching the video Ten Deadly Sins of Composition, I found myself really interested in what Art Wolfe had to say or to me personally I considered it more of advice in how to get the most out of ones shots. I was told to pick “two deadly sins” that impacted me the most. I have to say the first sin that impacted me the most was 6th Camera Movement because I always have had a difficulty with my focusing, I am never sure exactly where to focus because honestly sometimes their are a lot of amazing subjects in one shot. I learned that its important to select where your going to focus because it is critical to make a shot make sense basically. Art gives examples of shots his done which I feel really gave me a better idea of what to expect and what to look our for. My second sin that impacted me the most was 10th Lacks Emotional Response because I could really relate to what Art was talking about in his video, how he stated “only shoot shots that move you” and that is what I do when shooting, I really love to give my all and I really want my viewers to feel that surreal moment i captured or that calming sight in the shot. Overall I found that his video gave a good amount of information about focusing, depth of field, and how to shoot certain subjects.


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