VSAR 302-Proposal Paper

Proposal Paper

Nature is a big part of life, without it we are basically killing off the human race. Nature is our life support because our very being survives off plants, animals, and so on. Pollution to nature would not only be the down fall of trees and flowers and grass, but also our livestock. We need to do what we can for nature. I want to show why it is important to care about the simple things, the things we pass by every day of our lives and some of us do not even bother to acknowledge them.

My book proposal is about nature and how the effects of pollution to nature can cause harm and that we as human beings need to appreciate nature more. I am hoping to show how beautiful and precious nature is to us and how it is gives life every day. The reason why I chose nature is because we as people are so caught up in our lives, we never have time to just stop and look around and see how it is possible that we are still an existing human race. Nature is the reason we are all still able to have oxygen circulating through our lungs. You are probably wondering what oxygen has to do with nature, well trees are a form of nature. As stated by Botanical Society of America, “Plants are the air-purifiers for planet earth. They clean it, and in doing so produce the oxygen we, and all animals need to survive. This happens through one of the most amazing chemical reactions you can imagine, photosynthesis.”[1] This is my evidence of how important trees are, how vital it is for our survival. Imagine how bad life could get if we do not start realizing how lucky we are to have trees. Trees do so much for us, and all we do is walk by them every day, we never stop to see if their leaves have changed into fall colors or if they have all fallen off due to winter’s cold air.

Another reason why Nature is something to be more aware of and how important it is, is the fact that we rely on what Nature gives us such as food resources. For example, grass is important to us because many animals rely on this plant in order to survive, livestock such as rabbits, birds, cows, horses and more. Not only do animals rely on grass, but also bugs such as worms. I want to show through my work that Nature is not just pretty flowers. I want to show things such as the roots, the colors natures give off, to show the texture of leaves, and everything that nature is a part of.

Pollution is something that we should all worry about, not only it is not right to pollute in general but because it is very harmful to nature, and the atmosphere nature lives off of. Why is pollution harmful? If we keep polluting our earth with factory smoke, smoke from cars being driven, etc., all this pollution will cause much harm to our water source, if pollution towards our water source keeps happening, soon trees, and flowers will either die out because the water is so polluted, these living things will not be able to feed off it. As Rachel Carson in Silent Spring, states, “chemicals sprayed on croplands or forests or gardens lie long in soil, entering into living organisms, passing from one to another in a chain of poisoning and death. Or they pass mysteriously by underground streams until they emerge and, through the alchemy of air and sunlight, combine into new forms that kill vegetation, sicken cattle, and work unknown harm on those who drink from once pure wells. As Albert Schweitze r has said, ‘Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.’ [2] This connects to the pollution of nature. The chemicals Carson is talking about are the contamination from pesticides DDT and the fact that this poison causes such problems. Even today most soil is still polluted with this chemical and if we allow these kinds of pollutions to happen, nature will die and so will the things that rely on nature will too. This proves that it is important to be more informed and notice everything that is happening. This is why I chose my proposal to be about nature, I want to allow people to be aware through the photography of what earth and nature has to offer, how there are issues we do not see, and how every day nature is fighting to not only to kept itself alive, but the human race as well.

Bees are another part of nature. Bees are important to our survival because bees help more than we think they do. They do more than produce honey for us or make flowers bloom it is deeper than that. In Silent Spring, Carson states, “Man is more dependent on these wild pollinators than he usually realizes.” and “Without insect pollination, most of the soil-holding and soil-enriching plants of uncultivated areas would die  out,  with  far-reaching  consequences  to  the  ecology  of the  whole  region.”[3]  Even bees are effected by pesticides, if bees get killed off, there will be no flowers and agriculture crops will die out and so will our food resources and altogether nature. This is important because if our environment is unstable than, our food becomes unstable.

My plan of action in order to make my proposal happen is to help those who see these photography’s be more aware of nature and what it really gives us. I will be shooting different types of plants, flowers, and water sources. I will also photograph animals in nature or in their habitat. I will take as many photos as I can of different subjects and objects that relate to nature and possibly the effects of pollution in nature, we see, such as littering. My desired outcome would be to show how amazing Nature is and the things it does for us. Also to help others appreciate Natures beauty not just in flowers but in the water, and the grass.

Personally I have seen how pollution effects nature. I have seen trees die because of having smokers dump their cigarettes on their roots, or when people dump there drinks in creeks and leave bags of chips in the creek as well. For example, there’s this creek I pass by almost every day on my way to school. This creek is called Alta Loma Creek, and every time I pass, I can literally see the plants dying, this is due to people dumping food, such as McDonalds. You can see the roots of plants turning into black mold. These roots use to be the most beautiful color of green with hints of earths dirt. The water that flows water, it looks like its black and there’s trash all over, it is really sad and worse it looks to have the texture of gravy, chunky. One day about a month ago I believe, I saw a group of researchers testing the water and getting samples, it did not surprise me I mean it really was badly polluted. Another example, I usually take walks in this field of trees, bushes, and flowers. In this field many different animals, such as birds, coyotes, rabbits, possums, etc. I have seen how people degrade this land by littering the ground with needles, bottles of liquor and food. It is so sad, I mean that is my main reason for doing my proposal on nature, so I can show others how lucky we are to have trees and animals. In conclusion I want to show how important nature is and how precious trees, birds, flowers, and so on are. I want others to see what I see.


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