Photo Booth Project- Carlsbad Beach, CA

Before doing this assignment, I was really nervous because I do not like crowded places or even talking to strangers. I had to think of where I could do this Photo Booth, I did not want to do it at a park because it just seemed like parents would not feel comfortable with there children being near a stranger with a camera. I thought of the Oceanside Beach but than I felt like, it should be somewhere I am not use to, some where that was new to me and out of my comfort zone (which would be an area I am not familiar with, or location). Since the beach was a good location, I decided to do my Photo booth at the Carlsbad Beach, I have only been there two times before but only as a pass by, not actually enjoying the day at the beach also picked the beach because I really do not like the beach I mean I love going on the piers but the sand getting everywhere and the sun burning my skin, does not sound appealing or comfortable to me, so I was out of my comfort zone for sure. I also did this Photo Booth Project with a friend/ classmate (in VSAR 302 but the night class) Xilosma . We both set up, it was hard at first because (no offense to the check out room) the back drop stands were different and we had to use tape in order to keep the backdrop together, but with brainstorming we managed to make everything work. Through out this assignment I felt shy but proud because I got out there and finished the project. Also I had to beg at times to get people to take pictures because offering candy was not working 100% of the time. Overall this was good experience.



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