VSAR 302-Midterm

1. What is a camera?

-A camera is a lightproof box with a hole on the side, captures an imagine using the light.

2. Explain the following modes in your camera?

Apature: how much light the lens lets in/exposure.

Shutter: measurements in seconds, f/stops,speed of shoot.

Manuel: is a setting where it gives you more control.

3. If you are in a low light situation, what should your ISO range? what happens if you go to high?

-ISO range should be now more than 250

-If you go to high the photo can have over exposure to light.

4. In Lightroom under basic tool bar, there are 6.

1. Crop tool

2. Graduainte tool

3. Spot removal

4. Adjustment Brush

5. Fixes eye color

6. Blemish removal

5. Explain the function of the histogram and the eye dropper tool.

-The function of the histogram is to give the picture more brightness as well as exposure.

-The function of the eye dropper tool is to fix the image to be more clear, as in it wont be hazy/blurry.

6. Explain the function of the Library in Lightroom.

-The function of the Library in the Lightroom is to be able to import your photos as in using the setting on the side for example if I import my photos I can choose where I want to import them from and to save them to also allows you to edit your selection.

7. Give me an example how you file name.

Rocha_24oCT16_ Sequence #0001

8. In your own words please describe street photography.

-Street photography is when someone shoots in the community, it could be a person or to just a sign saying STOP, there really is no set up or props, you use what you have at that moment. for example the video Shooting strangers.

9. What 19 century ………..

he worked with American landscape, such as nature, example sunsets, mountains and so forth. 42×46 metallic canvas, metal based using chemicals he mixed/made his own form of capturing the imagine on site. Also used his own camera he made himself.

10. Describe the difference between Artificial lighting and Natural lighting.

Artificial Lighting: Light that is human made energy, such as flash lights and lamps.

Natural Lighting: made from nature, such as the sun. It is light energy based off nature.


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