VSAR 302-Inspiration from Readings-Letters to a Young Artist

Last week we discussed Letters to a young artist, we all had to read a letter and relate it to ourselves and what we would take from it. For me my reading was about support and learning to see art as a form of business,To me I took this as, we do not like the idea of selling our own master pieces, we know money is also a form of support knowing that being mixed in with different groups helps us to get more out there. As the the writer quotes, ” An artist needs support-not just money, but support. And more often than not, truly progressive people do not get the support they need.” To me this inspired me to take a photo of a tree being supported by a stick, this is to show how plants need their own support as well because they need help to grow and be something bigger in life, as well as plants in early centuries were even now used as a way to paint on canvas’s or cave walls. My second photo is of money a cup where I would put either water or paint, when I do my painting with a couple of paint brushes and pencils, I did this to show how money is a support for my art if I did not have money in some form I would not be able to get supplies for my classes or my personal art. Overall I enjoyed the readings and shooting these photos.


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