Video – Touching Strangers: Photography by Richard Renaldi

In Touching Strangers: Photography by Richard Renaldi, it talks about how Richard Renaldi started off taking photos of bus travelers in 2003. After doing that he noticed he wanted to get strangers together, people who have never met before were willing to be apart of this man project. I personally thought it was amazing how he was able to just get out of his comfort zone to ask people to take a photo with another person who was a complete stranger. It made me think about how I could never do something like this unless I had to, due to an assignment but that’s because I am so shy and I hate making others feel, how I would feel if someone came up to me and asked me if they could take a picture of me, which would by closed off, shy, and embarrassed. I do not do good with being the center of attention even if it is for 5 seconds. But during this class I have learned that it is okay to feel shy but when it comes to it I know I can get out there and be someone totally different. Overall the video taught me that to be more open minded and to pay attention to the people around you because there is always going to be someone willing to help you out.


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