My Buddy Environmental Project

In this assignment for VSAR 302, we had to write down own names and we randomly get paired with another student in class. I was really nervous about this assignment because I am really shy with people, especially other students I do not know.But I am happy to say I ended up with a nice girl named Wenjing Li but she likes to be called “Lily”. I learned that her name means quiet in English and that she is 20 years old, with this assignment I was able to have the opportunity to connect more with others, which is a great skill when doing photography because you have to be able to be out there and not shy away from challenges. My buddy “Lily” chose Discovery Lake Park because it is a place she goes to, to just relax to get away from the stress of school, to enjoy 1 hour of just peace. She loves the way the water ripples when the ducks pass by and how she can just either talk on the phone with a friend or to take pictures to have to show her adventures in America. Also she thinks ducks are cute.


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