MOPA (Museum of Photographic Arts)


I went to MOPA (Museum of Photographic Arts) this weekend and I have to say I found the photographs very inspiring, I mean just how they were taken was breathtaking. The way the artists used the darkness to get these amazing photographs was just beautiful. I especially loved the photograph of the Reversal of Terms (2013) by Michael Lundgren (American b. 1974). In this photograph you see a tree trunk that looks to be cut up with some sort of axe maybe? But not only that, the photograph gives such a clear view of the texture of the tree trunk. It just makes the photograph POP out of the picture. Also the lighting used in this photograph makes the colors of the trunk stand out the most, which really looks well with the black background. Not only that but the fact that this to me is an amazing example of Photography at Night, I mean it really opened my mind about photography at night, I never really thought that it could make such amazing work because of the lack of lighting and the contrasting of colors and darkness. But I was wrong the photographer (Michael Lundgren) did a great job he used the night (darkness) to his advantage. Another photograph I really loved is Charles Bridge, Study 4, Prague Czech Republic (1989) by Michael Kenna (British b. 1953). In this photograph you can see the fog over cast on the Charles Bridge and the street lights are shining through the fog, the photographer did such a good job using the darkness to his advantaged as well because the photograph is to me the second best example of Photography at Night, I mean the way the photographer was able to capture this picture at night is truly amazing, it really inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and maybe take some risks with lighting. Not only that but these photographers motivated me to think more about what I want to photograph and what I want it to reflect to get people interested in actually taking time and really looking at the photograph. Overall was a great experience and I really enjoyed sees different photographers works.



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