TED talk & Letters to a young artist Discussion

While watching the video of TED talk, the speaker (Young hakim) talks about how “everyone is an artist” I thought this was very true because just about everything we do is a form of art. Such as baking because there are different techniques used in baking, such as certain wrist movement to add the frosting to a cake but this wrist movement is used to make the frosting look a certain way, for example a rose. As well as different techniques used in painting (brush, stroke, and pace) and photography (lighting, angle, and distance). This connects to what I said during the Letters to a young artist discussion during class today , how Anna D. Smith says, “It’s a basic vocabulary. Like when you bake, you need flour, butter, sugar, some kind of liquid, etc. The fundamental ingredients.” So to me this tells me that no matter what you are doing wither it is baking, cooking or painting you are doing a form of art because it has fundamental ingredients. As the speaker (Young hakim) talks about children at the beach, I see what he means about how even if the water comes and destroys the sand work the children are doing, they can still make art, as Professor diBenedetto said, “its like a blank canvas”, so starting over is no problem.


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